Union Grove Distillery


Union Grove Distillery is a farm licensed craft distillery located in the beautiful Catskill Mountains in Arkville NY serving up award winning spirits.

The family run distillery has been in operation since February 2016 and currently produces the award winning Vly Creek Vodka made from NY apples and wheat.  They also produce a vodka made from pure Tree Juice maple syrup which is made about 6 miles from the distillery.  Also produced with the local syrup is the wildly popular Catskill Mountain Maple Spirit.  Made in a rum style “but don’t call it rum” and aged 6 months in a barrel that was used once for bourbon and once for bourbon barrel maple syrup.


Fir Gin was released in the fall of 2018 and has joined the ever expanding lineup of local craft spirits.   The Drie Brook Rye release in July of 2018 was a smashing success.  The first batch was only four 15 gallon barrels and sold out within two weeks.  Batch #2 is aging quietly in the back of the distillery and consists of ten 15 gallon barrels.  Batch #2 will be ready to bottle around May/June 2019.

Owners Brian Mulder of Roxbury and Todd Pascarella of Fleischmanns along with the encouragement and support of their wives, Penny Mulder a full time nurse and Jeanine Pascarella a full time mom to Max and Amelia, decided to change careers from construction and spray foam and cellulose insulation to distilling.  Both having extensive experience and knowledge in construction, building science, and the insulation retrofitting of old homes.  All of the renovation work done in the tasting room and production area was done by Brian and Todd.

This is their first foray into the world of distilling.  However they both have experience having made beer, wine, and hard cider as a home hobby.  Their passion for enjoying fine Bourbons and whiskies led them to make career changes and switch to a fulfilling career making fine spirits.  The two had never distilled before until they fired up their equipment for the first time at the distillery.  While vodka and the wildly popular Catskill Mountain Maple Spirit is the main product coming out of Union Grove right now you can find them hard at work distilling batches of rye whiskey that will go into barrels and age for 12 to 14 months.  Or you may find them working on the formulation of the next products which will be bourbon and gin.

All of the high tech automated equipment used at the distillery is made in Poland by a company called GENIO.  This high tech equipment has helped them make what is considered to be one of the finest craft vodkas on the market today.  They like the equipment so much that when asked by the owner of GENIO if they wanted to be the sale reps for the USA they jumped at the chance.  So this is not only a distillery but also a GENIO USA showroom and training center.

When you stop by the distillery you might catch Todd or Brian running the GENIO still or bottling some product.  Depending on the time of day you might even catch them behind the bar right beside their wives mixing up some great craft cocktails. 

When the weekend rolls around you can catch Will, Todd’s nephew, or perhaps guest/fill in bartenders Penny, Jeanine, or Victor behind the bar mixing up some great drinks and conversation with their guests.  If you would like a tour then all you have to do is ask.  Todd and Brian are usually hard at work in the production room and will gladly give you a personal tour and show you how the process works.  If they are unavailable then any of the other staff members will gladly show you the production process.

Find Union Grove online at https://uniongrovedistillery.com/ on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM

Visit them in person: Open Weds/Thurs.12-7, Fri/Sat. 12-9



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