Roxbury General Store

Roxbury General, on Main Street in Roxbury, offers an eclectic mix of the unusual and the practical—the selection is “general” indeed. With a variety of carefully curated gifts, crafts, homewares, jewelry, hardware, clothing, stationery, toys, pantry and plenty of practical items, Roxbury General creates a quality shopping experience for visitors and permanent residents alike. The store adds to the charm, fun, and function of the area.

Owners Robin Factor and Doug McLaurine fell in love with the area after one fateful cold and snowy December day and knew they had to make their dream happen here. After finding a house in Roxbury (dream one), they knew the town needed a general store (dream two).

Many of the products at Roxbury General are locally made, and Robin and Doug enjoy working with local artisans and craftspeople to showcase the best the Catskills has to offer. From maple syrup, roasted coffees, honey, chocolates, and pastas, to jewelry, ceramics, handbags, toiletries, and hand-knit sweaters, we offer a tremendous variety of intensely local items along with our practical and useful merchandise.

“We are always trying to make shopping an engaging and delighting experience for our customers,” says Doug McLaurine, “it is fun for us to find stuff for the store, and with over 3,000 discreet items, we want people to take their time, look around, and find their own treasure, even if you just stopped in for batteries (we have those, too). We are always getting new items in the store, so there’s always something new to discover. We have a beautiful Gaggia espresso machine, so you can come in for a cappuccino and a chat, and you could walk out with a vintage coatrack.”

Roxbury General is truly informed by a love of the area, and the community it serves. They rent bicycles in the spring and summer, they are happy to work with wedding couples to prepare locally sourced wedding gift bags, order custom items, and welcome suggestions about things the community would like to see in the store.  

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Store Hours: 11 am to 5 pm Sun to Thur; 11 am to 6 pm Fri and Sat.

Phone and Fax: 607-326-6118