LYNE ACRES: Our story and the story of the land

It all started with a “blind date” that led to a series of amusing date mishaps, an elopement to Australia, and a ceremony and reception in the Catskills on what is now affectionately named Lyne Acres.  Lucia, a daughter of Italian farmers and a native New Yorker; Sid, an Englishman, raised on a pig farm, found Roxbury strikingly similar to our family farms. Since 2003 we have lovingly tended the land, renovated the cabin, built the barn, and designed the entire outdoor space with the help of our family of landscape designers, horticulturists, and welders.  We decided to name our property Lyne (pronounced Line) Acres after the family farm in Lyne, Surrey, England.


Paying homage to our ancestors was one thing, but as new stewards of the land we found it our responsibility to make previous owners proud, too. The street we are located on is named for Howard Greene, the farmer who is responsible for the beauty of our land. His son is still our neighbor and it is important for us that every stone wall we build, tree we plant, every event we throw, brings a smile to his face, and it has. As one of our neighbors wonderfully put it, we make his drive to work more beautiful year after year as we continually improve the landscape.  

Love (blood, sweat and tears!) built Lyne Acres and we take immense joy in the memories that our cabin guests share with us from an annual family ski trip to a celebration that brings life to the barn.

 The cabin, barn and grounds are no match to the beauty of the valley and mountain views, but rather the latter is a stunning canvas where we can brush vibrant colors on and capture special memories.

F_ceremony0428 copy.jpg

For more information on Lyne Acres, our all-season cabin rental and three season barn event venue equipped with a kitchen, bathrooms, tables, chairs, antique bar and much more for up to 80 people visit:

Follow us on Instagram @lyneacres or drive by as often times you will see a woman in overalls lugging something followed by her shadow pup, Lady, and perhaps a neighbor’s pup too.

You can find Lyne Acres at 863 Howard Greene Rd, Denver, NY 12421

Lucia, Sid and Lady

Lucia, Sid and Lady