Dirty Girl Goat Farm

Cyndi Wright & Lester Bourke own Dirty Girl Farm, a small goat dairy and Micro-Creamery in the beautiful hamlet of Andes. They’re a family friendly farm with a focus on quality instead of quantity and educating the public about farming and where their food comes from.


Cyndi is a native of Rockland County and has always been in the food industry. She is also a closeted food critic (not so closeted anymore) plus she’s Italian so loves to cook and bake. She says, “making cheese seemed like the right thing to do.” Lester grew up on a 200 acre sheep farm in Lew Beach. He loves landscaping, hunting, fishing and making his wife happy.

How did they get started? The two bought a couple of goats to milk for their family home on 3 acres.  Neighbors started showing up with Mason jars and asking for milk.  And they kept coming. Then they started asking if they'd make cheese. These were people from the area that Cyndi and Lester did not even know.  


Says Cyndi, “finally a man came and asked if we sold milk? I said yes and started to walk to the fridge. He very nicely told me I couldn't do this without a license and recommended I call NYS Ag & Mrkts for information before we get in trouble. We did, and the rest is history.”


When asked why they chose this area of the Catskills, Cyndi says “I was watching friends and family buy houses downstate and start settling down. A lot of vacant land was being g bought up and developed.  Seeing them joining the rat race and always being stressed out I decided I wanted a more peaceful, relaxed life. I love hiking and kayaking and the Catskills couldn't be more perfect.”

They love the area so much, that they started hosting a weekly farmer’s market at their location that has become quite popular, and their cheese and dairy products can be found at stores and on menus all around!


Dirty Girl Farm is the type of place and people that make this area so special, when you taste their goods or visit the farm you really feel the #CatskillsLove!

Find them on FACEBOOK or visit in person, map below:

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